DECEMBER 2017 STATEMENT – Year 6, Month 7

It’s a free market, not a free world.


In astronomy, a binary system occurs when the orbits of two stars are linked because of their gravitational interaction. In humans, it’s the notion of foresight and formlessness.

One of the effects is pure and clean regret.

Last month, Jay Patil emphasized how Blockbuster refused to buy Netflix for $50 million, Netflix is now worth $83.4 BILLION. (And where is Blockbuster?)

MySpace rejected Facebook’s original purchase price, Facebook is now worth $519 BILLION. (And where is MySpace?)

George Bell, then CEO of Excite, refused to buy Google for $750,000, Google is now worth $717 BILLION. (And where is Excite?)

Ross Perot refused to buy into Microsoft for $60 million, Microsoft is now worth $647.5 BILLION. (And where is Ross Perot?)

That is foresight.

Going further, we remember that Walter Isaacson once wrote about Kriegspiel. It was a German chess-like board game in the nineteenth century. The competitors sat back-to-back; each with their own board and pieces and with a rule that they wouldn’t see those of his/her opponent.

A moderator would inform them if a move they intended to make was valid or not, and they had to try to figure out where their opponent’s pieces were. This proved that intuition was more important than intellect, which is the whole idea of formlessness. I guess this is one of the main reasons why Ben Gurion airport is considered the safest airport in the world.

It’s therefore crucial, especially in the last month of this year, to consider adopting these gems for your December and entire 2018, to help you see clearer which side your bread is buttered.

A man without God is like a bird without feathers.


Bill Gates illustrates the information theory by Claude Shannon in the 1930s, who defines information as the reduction of uncertainty. He further illustrates how it will not be classified as information if you already knew it was Saturday, and someone told you it was. It would, however, be classified as information if someone told you it was Monday and you weren’t already aware it was.

The biggest mistake I have observed this year is the tendency of some to think that work can be excluded from the equation, to think a reduction of uncertainty produces results. To think that belief is enough, and therefore the law of attraction will bring things to your doorstep. God knew what he was doing when he established work before creating Eve for Adam.

The material is purely a baseline, a map, and just information. Mentorship and coaching is light. They won’t work until you put in the hours, the real work. Proper planning, sufficient imagination and smooth execution, regardless of the obstacles. You can’t be taller than your own head.

You think with your eyes and feel with your ears!


This month, Tonniez Group Holdings turns 9. Like I said on our 8th birthday, it’s so important to note that just because you are extraordinarily talented doesn’t mean you should start your own company. It takes much more. Tonniez Group has come a long way, it was actually started from scratch. Watching nothing turning into a global disruptor is amazing. Like I stated in last year’s statement, ‘… we have surpassed every obstacle thrown at us, we have waved through all the mud and done what many considered impossible.

I tell you today, once again, that what’s in store is so exciting, you won’t want to watch it standing.’ Or with your shoes on. As you will see on our remodeled website, we have boasted our portfolio even further. With aircrafts, armored vehicles, military equipment, wellness products, telecommunication products, solar and clean energy products and very many others.

Let me this by wishing you a Merry Christmas, a festive season filled with joy and pleasant celebrations, an exceptional and fulfilling December 2017.

Till next month, I remain truly yours,

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

Serving since 28th December 2008.

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