JANUARY 2018 STATEMENT, Year 6, Month 8

Happy New Year to all reading this. Hope you had an amazing December and are on track for a tremendous January 2018?. Mine was a hectic one, but fruitful as well. In a retreat some days ago, I asked a prominent investment banker what percentage of income he asks people to save.

He said, personally, I don’t save any money but invest all because it’s also raining today. There may be no other rainy day because I am not promised tomorrow. He said he invested 50% of his earnings and an extra 10% in investments he can liquidate instantly if there was a need. He then asked, why do we assume it will rain in the future?

At least not with this global warming – he laughed heartily. Then he added, which to me was the punchline, ‘Seeing the road ahead is not foresight, its tunnel vision. The real trick lies in seeing sideways as you advance.’ It was not my first time to hear these words, but it felt like it was.

Crypto Currency Markets

He further shared some insights on the vision of his cryptocurrency bank whose ICOs I had just invested in, and I learned a lot about these alternative currencies that I avoided speaking about because of minimal understanding. After looking at the insider’s perspective, I can confidently say cryptocurrency is the future that will overpower fiat currency, blockchain technology the vehicle with which we shall get there.

People often confuse Bitcoin to be a good currency. It’s a good investment – that’s right, but not a good currency. The reason is because good currencies are steady, minimally volatile. That’s why traders and businessmen from most countries in the world tally their currencies to US dollars or Euros or British Pounds, many times holding funds in them and trading in them.

We see interest rates in US dollars in most countries half the rates of the local currency of the same country and same bank.

Imagine borrowing 1bitcoin today with value of $10,330 and having to pay back the same bitcoin in a few years time at value of $1million. Or worse still, having borrowed 1bitcoin worth $0.08 in 2010 and having to pay back the same bitcoin worth $10,330 today. Not ruling out that it could as well go down as my knowledge on this isn’t as deep as I would have loved. Although the little I have learned states its backing on computer processing power which determines miners earnings is stable compared to the gold standard of fiat currency that does no longer apply.

On the other hand, good and stable currencies like the Euro are not good investments.

Alternative Currencies

One of the most promising currencies today is Ripple (XRP). This will possibly replace or compete with SWIFT  which is used by all banks for international transfers, for which they hold the monopoly. XRP would be a faster alternative to SWIFT and much easier to use. It could be a great investment even for people that don’t understand the markets well enough like myself.

The currently available supply of XRP is $38billion, and with global remittances sitting around $500b, one could argue that if XRP took most of that market it could end up around $12 per Ripple (ie $500b/38b XRP). Say it took around 40% of the market then that’s around $5US per ripple. Granted this is based on current supply, but it also excludes other applications ripple could span into.

Other promising currencies include Dash, Litecoin, Lisk, POE, Ethereum, OMG, Monero and several others. There are over a thousand coins but some are scams, ensure to be careful when selecting the coin to invest in. ICOs include Crypterium, Xwin, BNK and several others.

Sales & Marketing

A friend called Paul Lanigan shared this with me and I thought it is worth sharing as we start a new year. Paul differentiates between sales and marketing, in an interesting manner. He describes sales as selling today, educating tomorrow and marketing as educating today, selling tomorrow.

Sales and marketing teams often seem to be locked in an endless battle over leads, tactics, and responsibility. The conflict originates from the rapidly changing business world.

Did you know that when marketing and sales work together an organization can see 36% higher customer retention & 38% higher sales-win rates? I guess you can answer that in your free time.


As you start your new year, I wish you nothing but prosperity, luck, blessings, fulfillment, and abundance. May all your dreams come true and may you always be reminded that thriving in chaos is an art.

Till next month, I remain truly yours,

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