FEBRUARY 2018 STATEMENT, Year 6, Month 9


Happy New Month. February is a month of experiences, of love and of sharing, which is why I re-share my book writing story.

Many years ago, Bill Gates told his University Professors he would be a millionaire by age 30. He became a billionaire at age 31. That is the power of Faith, bundled with Execution, as exhibited in each book I write. The Awaken Book Series started as what appeared to be a joke, a dream, not anymore.

“The future belongs to those who see #possibilities before they become obvious” – John Sculley, former CEO of Apple Computers

Awaken the Financial Genius in You

Awaken Book Series
Awaken the Financial Genius in you – Tonny Rutakirwa

I remember while I was starting out to write my first book on 27th March 2006, just after my sixteenth (16th) birthday. I received so much discouragement about book writing but chose to go deaf to these naysayers. They preached against this project and validated their concerns with what would make sense to any one.

My dream was bigger than the fear of the unknown. The desire to succeed was greater than the fear of failure. By my 18th birthday, my first book was completed. It was called Awaken The Effective Financial Knowledge in You – whose first draft my mother helped print on office paper,  later renamed to Awaken the Financial Genius in You.

I then approached all the publishers in Uganda but no one felt I had anything to offer on the topic at my age since I hadn’t even finished my Advanced Level final exams.

It was at this time that Tonniez Publishing Press was born, to publish my books and those of other authors. On 25th March 2010, Awaken the Financial Genius in You was published and released to all major bookstores following a partnership with JNJS Company Ltd and other resourceful partners.

Awaken the Financial Genius in you Rebuilt

Awaken Book Series
Awaken the Financial Genius in you Rebuilt – Tonny Rutakirwa

The phrases people uttered now changed from ‘You Can’t Do It’ to ‘I knew you could do it’. Never again did I hear another word from some of the initial naysayers, regardless of how much I requested their feedback. Over time, I realized that the process repeats itself for any unusually grand project or aspiration.

I then met more key people whose valuable feedback I acted upon. By this time, I had an office in Uganda’s capital, Kampala so I added some key field personal experience which backed up the initial mainly research based version.

On 25th March 2012, Awaken the Financial Genius in You REBUILT was published and released. With a foreword from my mentor, turned business partner, Bishop Edmond Kizito, and a more global approach, it was indeed a rebuilt version.

You Can Do It (2013)

Awaken Book Series
You Can Do It – Tonny Rutakirwa

I then built further Tonniez Group Holdings, which was now 5years old and had a client base of at least 20,000 people. We had also brought on board key investors and engaged trade in other countries like South Sudan, United Kingdom, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the United States. I was then recording my findings and experiences in my next book since I had already committed by this time to release a new book every birthday, a way to give back to my community. This project had major contributions from Amos Mwine, a smart law school student.

On 25th March 2013, therefore, You Can Do It whose foreword was written by my late British friend David Russell, (RIP)  was published. This was easier than the other books as there was an accumulation of useful contacts and experience built up already. It doesn’t actually get easier, but you get that much better.

Achieve Your Dreams (2014)

Awaken Book Series
Achieve Your Dreams – Tonny Rutakirwa

I continued building key relationships globally, to further the Tonniez Group global for profit vision. Embracing the new security protocol and business lines that my team and I had earlier taken for granted. I took on new project after new project and birthed new idea after another hence realizing the secrets often ignored actually are the relevant ones necessary to achieve dreams and reach goals.

It was on this note, that 25th March 2014 witnessed title release, Achieve Your Dreams whose foreword was written by Nsamba Hussein Kisiki, Ph.D. with publishers willing to take on publishing rights in numerous parts of the world in exchange for a lifetime royalty as well as listings in conferences in over 20 states in the United States and parts of Europe over the next few years. All these engagements, I presume were a result of the added value and secrets therein.

Faith in Action (2015)

Awaken Book Series
Faith in Action – Tonny Rutakirwa

I made a major decision this year. For both political and personal reasons, I decided to move Tonniez Group headquarters from Kampala to London. Not just the business but my own personal base, residence and interests. This is a story for another day. This year’s title, therefore, was purely a validation of that year’s events in every sense.

On 25th March 2015, Faith In Action was released whose foreword was written by my Justice coach Alison Kantarama, the Assistant Commissioner of Mulago National Referral Hospital, and the preface by my mentor Bishop Edmond Kizito. This book had major contributions from Ortega Ian Aliro, my then mentee. I respect this gentleman to this day.

With a little persistence, all the books were by this time on Amazon and other leading outlets. With eBook versions on Amazon Kindle in over 12 languages like Portuguese, Japanese, French, Deutsch, Italian, and others.

My Travel Guide (2016) and Power of Love (2017)

These are the latest and most advanced and sophisticated version of the entire series, worked on by the very best professionals in the United Kingdom, United States, Uganda, and Rwanda. Although not yet available in print, major partnerships have been signed to ensure readers can easily access the copy anywhere in the world, and in any language of preference.

One of my deepest desires is to leave this world, when I die, with no talent left in me, completely used up, having lived to the truest and most advanced version of myself. To touch and add value to as many lives and possible and to be a blessing to all those I am yet to meet, those I have met, and even correct the mistakes I have made in my journey so far.

All my works will be available in audio, as podcasts, videos, tutorials, and courses some of which are already fully developed.

It Was Just a Dream

In 2006, it was just a dream. I had no experience, I knew no translator, I had no sufficient education, no funding, no support structures, no international links, no resilience plans and various other essentials (basically no special tool but my mind).

I lost so many people along the path and it felt terrible (many times frustrating) only to realize much later that those were the right decisions to take and right things to happen. I listened to my mentor’s words like a lost sheep, focused on my dreams and learned from my failures, focused on crossing the level of excellence into sublimity.

Even more, I met priceless people who I deem irreplaceable, of whom have been incredible blessings in all senses.

I can’t call the journey easy, but I can call it EXTREMELY worth it – every inch, every atom.

Just Don’t Stop, Write Your Book Today

This write-up is to encourage every soul that it is so possible regardless of your current circumstance and how long it has carried on. In times of intense trial lies the greatest opportunity. It’s possible. It’s not rocket science. And you don’t need special skills. Believing in yourself may be the most useful thing you can adopt.

Just like Steven R. Covey (R.I.P) put it, all you need is vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith. If you are to pick only two things, let them be PERSISTENCE and FAITH. I can’t forget the central role of PRAYER in all this.


Till next month, I remain truly yours,

Tonny Rutakirwa,


Tonniez Group Holdings,

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